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Archive: February 2008 Instructor of the Month

Mike Byrnes & Assoc. , Inc. Names Ron Colburn as Bumper To Bumper Instructor of the Month for February, 2008

The year 2008 marks the 20th anniversary of Bumper To Bumper, The Complete Guide to Tractor-Trailer Operations , the textbook that Mike Byrnes & Assoc., Inc. first published in 1988, now in its fourth edition. To mark that anniversary, we want to recognize the people who use that book on a daily basis: the instructors of the finest truck driving programs around.

Our Instructor of the Month for February 2008, Ron Colburn, has taught for Lone Star College North Harris, Houston, Texas, since 2000 but he's been teaching for a total of 18 years. He keeps his skills sharp through Internet subscriptions and research, bulletins, newsletters and professional development. When not working, he enjoys being involved with his family and his grandchildren's activities, and likes to fish and sing karaoke.

Ron Colburn

What's your experience in the trucking industry?
I served in the United States Army for eight years, four as a drill sergeant. In 1978 I became an owner operator and drove over the road. Six years later I attended the University of Alabama and became a law enforcement officer. In 1990 I started my own truck driver training school and became a certified commercial driver's license tester for the state of Tennessee. My program was recognized by several carriers as an excellent training provider. In 2000 I moved to Texas in search of a great school to be part of and found North Harris College. (ed. note: now Lone Star College North Harris)

What do you enjoy about being a truck driving school educator?

Making a tangible difference in the life of a person and their family. I love knowing that I have helped enable someone to take care of themselves for the rest of their life.

Describe your biggest challenge educating entry level drivers.

Helping students realize the importance of being committed to class. Encouraging them to make school their first priority and attending class every day, every second.

What advice do you like to give your students to be successful in the trucking industry?

Look, talk and act like a professional. Always strive to be your best. Be alert, safe and on time, every time.