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Mike Byrnes & Assoc. , Inc. Names Jeremy Brooks as Bumper To Bumper Instructor of the Month for May, 2008



Jeremy Brooks

The year 2008 marks the 20th anniversary of Bumper To Bumper, The Complete Guide to Tractor-Trailer Operations, the textbook that Mike Byrnes & Assoc., Inc. first published in 1988, now in its fourth edition. To mark that anniversary, we want to recognize the people who use that book on a daily basis: the instructors of the finest truck driving programs around.


Our Instructor of the Month for May 2008, Jeremy Brooks, teaches at Del Mar College, Corpus Christi, Texas. He's been teaching for six and a half years but has been in the industry since 1994, driving over the road for four years, then hauling haz mat tankers for another three years. In his spare time he plays darts and is on two different teams. He also competes in paintball tournaments.
 Jeremy Brooks

What's your proudest accomplishment?

I guess my proudest accomplishment is my success rate over the last six or so years. I pride myself in the fact that there are not many students that I couldn't get trained to get their CDL. 


What do you enjoy about being a truck driving school educator?


Teaching people new things they never thought they could ever do. For example, most people have never been inside a big truck let alone drive one on a highway. I love to watch the amazement come over them when they are driving for the first time. 

What tools do you find the most useful to assist you in educating?

Humor, believe it or not. I use humor a lot because it relaxes the student and takes the stress off. I also use a lot of visual aids. I have found most people learn a lot more by doing it rather than talking about it. I always tell students we have to crawl before we walk, walk before we run, and right now we are still in the crib so relax and enjoy it.


Describe your biggest challenge educating entry level drivers.

My biggest challenge is teaching to each student's level of learning. I have discovered that you get students to understand and learn faster if you learn who and what their background is and adjust to them.


What advice do you like to give your students to be successful in the trucking industry?

The biggest piece of advice I pass on to my students is find a company that is right for them. Do the research on what they want out of a company and stick with it. I also tell my students that safety on the road is the most important thing to driving. Everyone on the road with them has a loved one that wants to see them again.