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Mike Byrnes & Assoc. , Inc. Names Charles Mothershed as Bumper To Bumperô Instructor of the Month for September, 2008



Charles Mothershed

The year 2008 marks the 20th anniversary of Bumper To Bumperô, The Complete Guide to Tractor-Trailer Operations, the textbook that Mike Byrnes & Assoc., Inc. first published in 1988, now in its fourth edition. To mark that anniversary, we want to recognize the people who use that book on a daily basis: the instructors of the finest truck driving programs around.

Our Instructor of the Month for September, 2008, Charles Mothershed teaches for Volunteer Training, Inc. in Murfreesboro, Tennessee. He began his career in trucking as a driver in 1989 and has been teaching for eight-and-a half years. In his spare time, Charles plays several instruments and sings, entertaining friends and family.
 Charles Mothershed

Describe your biggest challenge in educating entry- level drivers.

Getting the student comfortable. Students are generally overwhelmed and nervous in the beginning phases of training. Establishing a level of comfort allows the student to concentrate more on learning rather than the fear of failure.


What do you enjoy about being a truck driving school educator?


Watching students go from knowing nothing about the industry to becoming safe, professional drivers -- knowing that I had something to do with the process of changing a life and making a dream come true.


What is your proudest accomplishment?

I believe life is full of proud moments. I'm proud when a weak student finally starts to "get it." Or, when former students return to visit and show off their truck. Achieving Master Instructor status. And, being selected as Instructor of the Month!


What advice do you like to give your students to be successful in the trucking industry?

Keep an open mind and a positive attitude. Every day is a new adventure. If you truly love what you do, you never WORK a day in your life. In this industry no two days are the same. So, when you have a bad day, take that day as an experience and drive on to the next.