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Mike Byrnes & Assoc. , Inc. Names Mark Fairclaugh as Bumper To Bumperô Instructor of the Month for November, 2008



Mark Fairclaugh

The year 2008 marks the 20th anniversary of Bumper To Bumperô, The Complete Guide to Tractor-Trailer Operations, the textbook that Mike Byrnes & Assoc., Inc. first published in 1988, now in its fourth edition. To mark that anniversary, we want to recognize the people who use that book on a daily basis: the instructors of the finest truck driving programs around.

Our Instructor of the Month for November, 2008, Mark Fairclaugh teaches for All-State Career, Inc. in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Mark hasn't been teaching all that long, just over a year, but he knew as a student that he wanted to teach. He drove local for three years prior to attending school. As a student, he wont the annual roadeo and then drove for three years. In his spare time, he works on a Website that he made for students as a support system.
 Mark Fairclaugh

Describe your biggest challenge in educating entry- level drivers.

Patience -- learning to have patience!


What do you enjoy about being a truck driving school educator?


I have a strong belief in the industry as a whole. And it has made a good livign for me. Being able to pass on not just a skill but a life...this is why I teach.


What is your proudest accomplishment?

When students return and tell me that they hear me on every turn.


What advice do you like to give your students to be successful in the trucking industry?

Stay on the road. Back 0ff. Don't drive angry.